Cordon Davies


Cordon has been involved in managing, instructing, or DJ’ing for swing dance socials and workshops at BYU Idaho from 2011 to 2015. Since he has graduated and moved down here to Utah, he has continued to DJ for select events such as Grassroots Dance Group, Mountainside Hop, and now Swingin’ on Main.

Diana Gentillon


Diana became interested in jazz when she discovered that her parents disliked it. Since her angsty teenage years, she has been an instructor and DJ at the former University of Utah Swing Club and for a short time at Churchill Junior High. She loves swing for its energy and humor, and wants everyone else to love it too.

Shaun "Abe" Gill


Songs that Shaun "Abe" Gill adds to his playlist are first checked for the best audio quality by listening with a great pair of headphones. When a song is excellent in its musical attributes but excess hissing, pops, or clicks are present, then it will not be considered. That is the final determining factor if a song is eligible to be added to his list, no matter how good the song may be.

Besides that, he obviously loves vintage Jazz music and dancing while DJ’ing. You will always see him up dancing to his own set.

What he feels are the essential elements for danceable music are primarily a deep consistent bass (or downbeat) that will make you uncontrollably tap your feet or move your body, excellent variety in the instrumentation, and memorable melodies. His favorite Jazz artists are Fats Waller and Jimmie Lunceford, whom he believes fit the above criteria.

Kim "Coffee" Leung


For over 15 years, "Westie" Kim Leung has been energizing the floor with his fun energy, brilliant musicality, and smooth connection. Born and raised in Utah, he found his passion for dancing in 1999 when he signed up for a social dance class in high school.  Over the years he has become versed in East Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, and West Coast Swing.  Kim comes to us from the West Coast Swing scene with nearly 10 years experience DJ'ing various dances not only in Utah but throughout the region.  In his travels and experiences he has competed in other styles of partner dances, but nothing drives his passion for dance more than swing dance.

When not on the floor Kim can be found spending time with family and friends, watching WWE, and playing board games.  Visit for more info on Kim.

Benjamin "Flatfoot"Sundberg


Benjamin began dancing Lindy Hop in Jr. High in 1997 and was added to the high school team where he choreographed for the lead team. Later, he became the Event Coordinator for the USU Big Band Swing Club for 3 years. During that time, he organized dances at the Eilte Hall Ballroom and directed the national event, Harlem Nights. Benjamin brought out famous teachers: Ria DiBiase, Frankie Manning, Skye Humphries, and Frida Segerdahl to name a few.  He procured local bands and djs like "Off The Top”,” The Larry Smith Orchestra" and Seattle/New York favorite Glenn Crytzer and his Syncopators and Dj's Freddie Dickinson, Mike Faltesek, and Kenny Nelson among others.  Benjamin has taught at USU, UofU, BYU, Westminister, Price, and Dixie.

Benjamin is best known in Utah as an expert at airstep teacher, commonly called, "lifts and aerials." Benjamin participated in many dance teams. He has been on USU's Swingcopation, assisted at BYU, and coached and choreographed at the University of Utah. Has taught workshops at Bosie City Swing, USU, and BYU. He has Dj'd at Elite Hall, Savoy Swing Nights, Swingin' On Main, U of U, USU, and BYU. He has owned and managed his own Lindy Hop venue since 2010

Jill "Rosebud" Sundberg


Jill was introduced to dancing Lindy Hop through dating a casual dancer. After that relationship ended, she was already hooked on social dancing and continued to go out. It became part of her weekly routine, Saturday nights were dance nights at the Murray Arts Center's Ballet Center. There, she met an amazing dancer named Benjamin Sundberg. After becoming friends, then dance partners and finally life partners they haven't been off the dance floor since. Benjamin taught her special dance moves called, "airsteps". Most people know these as "lifts, throws, or aerials".  Jill and Benjamin now specialize in teaching those particular moves as well as others. After moving up to Utah State, Jill became involved with the USU Big Band Swing Club, serving in a variety of positions like advertising and Vice President. Jill participated in the teams and even went to competitions in Denver.  

After graduating, she and Benjamin felt that Salt Lake needed more dancing, not just with college scenes. And as the only other venue, "Downtown Swing" was turning over, they decided to begin running their own venue. Ever since, Jill has been dedicated to the Lindy Hop community and wants nothing more than to see the community grow and the love for Lindy continue. She continues to compete, teach and especially social dance!

Michelle "Mishimmy" Yanagita


Michelle "Mishimmy" Poole started swing dancing in the summer of 2002 and began her DJ career two short years later. Her eclectic roots began in Salt Lake City, Utah at a Westie/Lindy Hop blended venue called In Between Swing where she learned to cater to the ever transitioning tastes of the crazies on the dance floor. Her versatility has given her the opportunities to DJ at Lindy Hop, West Coast, and Blues venues and events in Utah, Virginia, and (soon-to-be) Phoenix, AZ.

With a great love and knowledge of the Jazz Era, Mishimmy has developed an incredible respect for the Ladies of Jazz; Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holliday, Lil Hardin Armstrong, and Alberta Hunter just to name a few. With an attitude of "Move over boys! Let me show you how it's done," these women paved the way for all generations that followed, and they did it with a class, sass, and style that can't be paralleled.

In a nutshell, Mishimmy loves what she does, is extremely sweet, and cute to boot. Oh! She's available for weddings, too.

Taka Yanagita


Taka Yanagita has an enormous collection of jazz and swing tunes! He has been collecting music for some time now and has been influential on the Lindy Hop community. Taka began making a name for himself as a Swing DJ by working the music at the BYU Swing Kids Club. After becoming a favorite DJ for the club, Taka began to play for other local scenes like Swingin' On Main. He has now been asked for by out-of-state events such as Swingdependance weekend and Pheonix Lindy Exchange in Arizona.

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