When getting a ride home from junior high school, Benjamin's friend took a quick detour to, "pick up his backpack" at the high school. The detour turned out to be a swing dance held in the cafeteria. Though he resisted for a while, a girl finally managed to get Benjamin out on the dance floor. After experiencing the dance and some air steps, Benjamin was hooked.

On a date with a young man she met at the community college, Jill discovered that dancing was everything she was hoping it would be. On her date, she found out that her cousin danced swing. After making more friends, Jill continued to go dancing on her own, blissfully happy in dancing triple swing.

Benjamin was heavily involved in all things dance from the moment he was introduced. He became an influential member of his high school's dance club and got many of his classmates to start dancing. After graduating, Benjamin served a 2-year mission for his church, solo dancing for his approved morning exercises.

While enjoying yet another night of dancing, Jill heard someone exclaim excitedly, "Ben's back!" She saw a scary looking guy wearing a bandanna and UFO pants. When he asked her to dance, she found out that he wasn't scary, just really cool! 

Over the next three years, Benjamin and Jill got to know each other through their common interest in swing dancing. The grew to love each other and to love Lindy Hop.