Nika Jin

Slappin' & Clappin'

Class 1

Lindy Hoppers love clapping, but when do we clap? Where do we slap? We will work with basic rhythms and skin on skin percussion. 

Jamming & Improvisation

Class 2

Play some games, get some tips on how to up your improv flow, and explore solo jazz as a social dance.

Stylings on Classic Movements

Class 3

 The same movements and rhythms can be made to look vastly different to express different emotions, aesthetics, or moments in the music. Get creative with body posture, limb placement, and attitude levels to explore nuances in traditional movement. 

Taking A Breath

Master Class - Invitation Required

Solo jazz can often be an incredibly impressive flurry of movement. In this class, we will look at taking distinct breaths in our movement, creating contrast, and making picture moments throughout the flow of our dancing

Nick Peterson

Who Is Your Favorite Lead and Why is it Anthony Chen?

Class 1

Anthony Chen danced in Las Vegas for one night and all the follows he danced with were left exclaiming, “WOW,” “I never messed up with him,” and “he made me feel perfect.”*  Humbled, I discussed with 10 follows from 3 states about their experience dancing with him.  This class, in which we’ll talk and example 3 elements common among all of their dances with him, is the result.  Sure, you could take a private lesson with Anthony Chen who is teaching here this weekend, but…#fanboylogic.

*Real statements from real follows

Dummy for Physics

Class 2

I got a Physics 1 for Dummies book for Christmas. This class will bridge the gap between the Science of lead/follow and the Art of Swing by focusing on concepts found in Chapter 6 (“Getting Down With Gravity”), Chapter 8 (“Go With the Flow”) and Chapter 11 (Winding Up with Angular Kinetics”).  Sure, I’m only on Chapter 1 as I write this description, but I am currently getting a degree in a Science…okay it’s Political Science...and it’s only a minor…and there’s an actual quantum physicist teaching here this weekend from whom you could take a private lesson but…#undergradlogic

Jitterbug Moves

Class 3

The title of this class, much like the class itself, is an oxymoron.  There is no such thing as a “jitterbug move.”  There is only a jitterbug.  So, with that in mind, come and learn how to be a jitterbug by learning new moves.  Sure, you could take a private lesson from the actual Underground Jitterbug Champion teaching here this weekend (hint, she won in 2013) but..#jitterbuglogic

Proving Perpetual Motion Is Possible

Master Class - Invitation Required

This class, besides proving I learned nothing from my Physics for Dummies book, will explore the world of continuous motion movements, including a variation on the “aaahhhh” move that will have you spinning right round so much you’ll scream “watch out here I come.”  Sure, you could take a private lesson from Dabney Hopkins who taught this concept here last year, and is teaching here again this year, but…#egologic. 

Dabney & Karen Hopkins



Learn the techniques necessary to properly navigate a crowded dance floor while still maintaining the look and feel you want.

Slips & Slides

Class 2

Our favorite slide variations (slidey shoes required)

Buddha Moves

Class 3

Lindy Hop eight count 'Buddha' variations to spice up your social dancing.

Old Skool Moves

Master Class - Invitation Required

According to Urban Dictionary, "Old Skool" comes from the phrase "Old is cool!" It later progressed to "Old's cool!" Finally, it became what it is now! Re-live all the moves from the late 90's that used to be popular and are still cool! Classics like: Rhythm Circles, Sugar Pushes, Quick Stops, etc.

Joel Hunter & Stephanie Hinton

Rhythmic Variations

Class 1

This class will break down the rhythms of Lindy Hop to their most fundamental parts. In a modular way, we will be interchanging parts of our basics and turning them into dynamic and interesting variations. This is a great class for those who have been looking for new ways to create their own personalized steps.

Stacks on Stacks: Charleston Edition

Class 2

We will start with one move, and then tweak it, and then make it a longer move. Then we will add another move, and another move, and another...and so on and so on until the class runs out. This year we will be focusing primarily on partner Charleston and transitions. If you need more Charleston in your life, and we know you do, check this class out!

Surprise Swingouts

Class 3

We all love Swingouts, but sometimes we need to spice them up a little. Learn how to take some of your favorite moves, turns, and spins, and then BAM! You're suddenly in a Swingout. Surprise Swingouts defiantly fall into the category of fundamentals that every Lindy Hopper should know.

Super Sweet Routine

Master Class - Invitation Required

It's great to social dance! We spend so much time learning how to lead/follow, how to improvise, and how to keep our moves strait in our head as we are dancing with a stranger to music we may or may not have ever heard before. However, there is a part of our dancer brain that sometimes gets neglected. As dancers we need to work out the part that mesmerizes and performs. We need to learn movements that may not be fit for social dancing, but are great for exploring new ways for our bodies to move. In a typical Steph and Joel fashion, this routine will focus a lot on interesting rhythms that compliment the music, and super lyrical movements that fit right in with the song.

Anthony Chen & Heather Ballew

Less Mentum? No, MO-mentum!

Class 1

Learn to harness the energy of your dance.  We’ll take a deep dive into the use of momentum in your partnered dance, and deconstruct what you already know so we can rebuild it into something awesome. 

Hurricane Lindy

Class 2

We’ve got some things to help your turns and spins, and we’ll work on making you look a little more fancy.  We also will make sure you don’t leave a wake of destruction on the dance floor.

#MAMA: Make America Musical Again

Class 3

Listen, I’ve got the best musicality.  People have told me, hey, nobody has better musicality than you.  It's true.  Sometimes I see dancers dancing, and I think, there’s no musicality there.  Sad.  I’ll make your musicality the best, believe me.

Win Every Competition With This One Crazy Trick!

Master Class - Invitation Required

You won’t believe what you will learn in this class.  It's crazy that NO one has ever used it before.  We're going to be going over what most judges are looking for, including using your... (click to read full article).

Heather Ballew & Krister Shalm

Grand Theft Lindy (Steals) 

Class 1

Focuses on the students developing new ways to steal in a jam.


Class 2

Teaches new moves while showing how to transition smoothly between Lindy and Balboa. No previous knowledge of balboa is necessary.

Level Up Your Shim Sham

Class 3

A great way to improve your partner dancing is to work on your solo dancing. Many of our Lindy Hop, Charleston, and Balboa variations have their roots in solo steps. In this class we will  teach you a new way to think about your Jazz steps that will take them to the next level. Using the Shim Sham as a template we will show you how to come up with a near infinite variety of variations. From now on you’ll never do the Shim Sham the same way twice! While knowledge of the Shim Sham is helpful, it is not required to take this class. 

Direction and Misdirection

Master Class - Invitation Required

This masters/advanced level class is designed to challenge students to take familiar moves and ideas, and push them in new directions. Students should leave with the tools necessary to develop and push their own creativity.

Paul Riding & Chelsea Kirkpatrick

Hey! Ba-Ba-Re-Bop

Class 1

This rhythm improvisation class will teach you how to make your basic, not so basic! It will be a very interactive class where we all will be sharing ideas, playing off of each other's rhythms and creating some real special "groove juice".

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